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Take the opportunity to unite the team at the end of the year, with this incredibly immersive and entertaining Christmas themed experience. Chrissy will kick off the night with a big performance of Mariah Carey's, 'All I Want for Christmas'. Then she will take guests on an adventure through all things Christmas, complete with films such as, 'Home Alone' and 'Love Actually', and 'Die Hard'. Then of course disco dance offs will follow, bringing the Christmas cheer to a grand crescendo that will bring your team together in a special, unforgettable way.

"Chrissy hosted our Christmas party and I have to admit, I wasn't sure how 100 people from the legal department would react. I shouldn't have worried - the second Chrissy kicked off it was like a lightening bolt hit the room and everyone became so energised and involved. It really brought the team together - people were singing and dancing together without a care in the world, it was fantastic. We couldn't stop talking about it afterwards, everyone sharing photos and recalling hilarious moments. It was a really special event."
Allana Smith | Senior Legal Advisor | Sky Sports
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