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The Oscars Song is a ten minute show-stopping original performance where Chrissy Bray
takes information about the audience and weaves it into an original lyrical masterpiece, using classic hit songs as backing tracks. Guests won't believe their ears as Chrissy moves between the tables, singing about them and bringing out the funny moments in a brilliantly crafted way. The Oscars performance brings the 'wow' factor to a whole new level and your team will be blown away as they witness a once in a lifetime moment playing out before their eyes. This is an experience for special landmark occasions, and will bring the team together with a sense of camaraderie that is unsurpassed.

"Chrissy's 10 minute solo created a real sense of heightened anticipation for the evenings
proceedings, it was as if she had been a colleague for years... how are we going to better that?!"
Ian Sempers - Medium
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